The Experimentation Journal

How to Use the Template

There are three databases in this template, one for Initiatives, one for Experiments, and a third for Learnings. 


Initiatives are intentional goals with metrics that you want to improve.

Each experiment needs a purpose, a north star, by which you can gauge its effectiveness.


Experiments have two phases: Design & Post-Mortem.

Experiment Design

You need to have a hard start and stop date for your experiments, along with a hypothesis to test. Defining success and failure from the start will also help in the post-mortem.

Post Mortem

The most important part of the experiment is reflection. What learnings did you gain? Even if you failed the experiment, there’s so much you can learn from that. So many ideas of new things that you can test!


The simplest section, but here you can put all of the learnings from your experiments. As your learnings grow, you’ll start to build your own guidebook of how you operate. 

Quick Note

Make sure to use the templates set for each database! They’ll automatically assign the emoji, set up the relations, and give you the prompts you need. 

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